RICH countries - Russia, India and China
RICH countries - Russia, India and China

Our Business Focus

SHIVA Capital is an independent investment bank boutique. We position ourselves as an international advisor on strategic, operative and financial challenges.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We focus on advising highly complex international transactions as well as joint-ventures between Germany and the (once) promising “RICH” countries Russia, India and China

Corporate    Finance

We focus on the financing needs, equity and/or debt, of our international mergers & acquisitions clients on one hand and international real estate developers on the other hand

Private     Placement

We focus on raising equity and debt for start-ups and growth-companies in selective industries, primarily seed-money, first-or second–round.

Our Country Presence

Our international service focus lies on both, mergers & acquisitions as well as corporate finance between Germany and the (once) promising RICH countries - Russia, India and China, either inbound or outbound. On a national basis, our service focus is on corporate finance as well as private placement.


Since 2004 we have be enaged in Russia, raising equity for large real estate developments In Moscow and looking for investors into businesses across various industries in Russia.


In 2006 we have started our corporate finance business in India, starting with real estate, but since then expanded primarily into cross-border mergers & acquisitions.


Our activities in China started around 2008, focusing on cross-border corporate finance as well as mergers & acquisitions, quite often together with PE and VC firms.

Our Industry Focus

SHIVA Capital, its management and team can rely on a tremedous experience based on projects in various industries, although there are a couple of sectors that can be highlighted.

Automotive & Machinery

Starting with corporate restructuring projects for German OEMs many years ago, SHIVA Capital has always put an emphasis on Automotive & Machinery industry, making it an ideal partner of German automotive manufacturers and suppliers to move abroad and engage in countries such as Russia, India or China.

Textile &      Fashion

As the Textile & Fashion industry is going through an on-going restructuring process, more and more players from India and China players are entering the European and especially German market, whereas the opportunities in Russia are more on the sales side.

Real Estate &  Retail

Based on its strong network in the private equity industry, SHIVA Capital has started its Real Estate activities already in 2002. Our long history in the Retail sector helped creating synergies between both bisinesses.

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